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Chief Justices and Justices, past and present, celebrating the Court's 300th anniversary in May 2022.

(l to r) Justices James J. Fitgerald III, Cynthia A. Baldwin, Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille, Justices Debra Todd, David N. Wecht, Russel M. Nigro, Sallie Updyke Mundy, Chief Justice Max Baer, Justices Christine Donohue, and Kevin M. Dougherty.

Chief Justice Horace Stern administering the oath to Chief Justice Charles Alvin Jones in 1956 in the Philadelphia Consultation Room.



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The Court at Independence Hall on May 18, 2022 before hearing oral arguments at Old City Hall in recognition of the Court's 300th anniversary.

(l to r) Justices Sallie Updyke Mundy, Kevin M. Dougherty, Debra Todd, Chief Justice Max Baer, Justices Christine Donohue, David N. Wecht, and P. Kevin Brobson.


When the Supreme Court began holding sessions in the Western District in 1806, it met in this court building on Market Square in Pittsburgh which also served as the town hall. A new courthouse was opened in 1841 providing space for both the Supreme Court and the U.S. District Court. The Market Square building pictured here was destroyed by fire in 1882.


The Supreme Court were the first tenants in Philadelphia's City Hall. Chief Justice James P. Sterrett and the associate Justices sit in the Court's temporary courtroom in Rm. 254 in City Hall.


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"For John W. Kephart, a real friend, from his 'big brother'

Alex Simpson Jr."


November 28, 2023: The Supreme Court cutting the ribbon of the Supreme Court History Center in the Pennsylvania Judicial Center.

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