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Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
Historical Commission

In 2023, the Supreme Court created a nine-member Historical Commission. The Commission's purpose is to preserve, and rediscover, the rich history of the court.

The content on this website does not reflect the official position of the Supreme Court or the Justices.

Supreme Court's Liaison to the Commission

Justice Sallie Updyke Mundy

Commission Members

Charles Becker, Esq. (Co-Chair)

John Hare, Esq. (Co-Chair)

Robert Mongeluzzi, Esq.

Dusty Elias Kirk, Esq.

John Vaskov, Esq.

Denise J. Smyler, Esq.

David S. Senoff, Esq.

Christopher Collum

John P. Krill, Esq.

Dale McClain, Esq. (Ex Officio)

Consultant Historians

Joel Fishman Ph.D.

Mark Lloyd

Julie Randolph

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