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The Court seated the Philadelphia Consultation Room in 1990.

Seated (l to r): Justice Rolf Larsen, Chief Justice Robert N.C. Nix, Jr., Justice John P. Flaherty Jr.

Standing (l to r): Justices Nicholas P. Papadakos, James T. McDermott, Stephen A. Zappala, Ralph J. Cappy

Justice Anne X. Alpern and her daughter Marsha Ellen Swiss in the House Chamber for her induction as the first female Justice in the Court's history in 1961


Chief Justice Robert N.C. Nix, Jr. was the first African-American elected to statewide office in Pennsylvania and the first to serve as Chief Justice on any state's high court in the country.

Justice Christine Donohue administering the oath of office to Chief Justice Debra Todd on January 20, 2023 surrounded by her husband, Steve, and daughter, Alexandra. Chief Justice Todd became the first female Chief Justice in the Court's history.

Naturalization paperwork administered by the Court's Prothonotary in the nineteenth century. Most commonly used to prove the right to vote.

Picture of the Pittsburgh Courtroom before the installation of the chandeliers and before the installation of Trumbull's murals behind the bench in 1923,

September 1921. Note the lamps and inkwells in use.

(l to r) Justices Sylvester B. Sadler, Alex Simpson Jr., Robert S. Frazier, Chief Justice Robert von Moschzisker, Justices Emory A. Walling, John W. Kephart, William I. Schaffer

Picture of the Pittsburgh Courtroom in 1972.

Photograph of Chief Justice George W. Maxey. Justice 1930-1943. Maxey served as Chief Justice from 1943 to March 20, 1950 when he died in service.

The Court's Philadelphia Courtroom as it looked in 1891.

The oldest "Supream" Court docket in the State Archives, dated to 1740.

The Court's Philadelphia Courtroom as it looked in 1972.

The Court pictured in the Harrisburg Courtroom in 2004.

Seated (l to r): Justice Ronald D. Castille, Chief Justice Ralph J. Cappy, Justice Russell M. Nigro

Standing (l to r): Justices Max Baer, J. Michael Eakin, Thomas G. Saylor, and Sandra Schultz Newman

Chief Justice James P. Sterrett

Mural of sourthern facade of Independence Hall. The painting behind the bench in Philadelphia was completed in 2002 by two local artists. Michael Webb was the lead artist responsible for the design and painting of Independence Hall with Max Mason III painting the sky and assisting in painting the hall.

Justice Curtis Bok


The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania's Courtroom in Independence Hall.

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