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A painting of the Chester County Courthouse

Presented as a gift on the Court's 250th anniversary by the Delaware County Bar Association.

The Court photographed in January 1931 in the Pittsburgh Conference Room.

Standing (l to r): Justices William I. Schaffer, John W. Kephart, Sylvester B. Sadler, George W. Maxey

Seated(l to r): Justice Emory A. Walling, Chief Justice Robert S. Frazer, Justice Alexander Simpson Jr.

Photographs of (l to r) Justices James P. Sterret, Isaac G. Gordon, Chief Justice George Sharswood, Justices Edward M. Paxson and Silas M. Clark in 1882

A postcard of the Towne House, the first courthouse in Philadelphia, at Second St. & Market St.

Artist unknown.

"The Jury." This photograph was stored in the Court's Philadelphia office space and its relevance is unknown at this time.


Can you help identify the people in this photo or their relevance to the Court? Contact us.

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